Canada welcomes the publication of the 10th edition of IOM's World Migration Report, a vital information tool for understanding current migration trends and pressing global issues. I can attest that the Report is used by policymakers worldwide, including at all levels of the Canadian government, academia, and civil society, and for that, we want to extend our gratitude for publishing such a valuable tool and reference.   

Statement by the Government of Canada, IOM 110th Session of the Council, 2019.

Felicitamos a la OIM y a todo el equipo editorial y de investigacion por su valiosa contribuci6n al studio "Migraciones en el Mundo 2020". Por su naturaleza misma, la compleja dinamica de la migracion mundial, no puede cuantificarse en todos sus detalles, sin embargo, como demuestra este informe, existe un conjunto cada vez mayor y mejor de datos e informacion que pueden ayudar a comprender con mas exactitud, las caracterfsticas basicas de la migracion en estos tiempos de incertidumbre.

Declaracion de El Salvador en la centesima decima reunio del consejo de la OIM, 2019.

La OIM tiene un gran potencial para generar datos sobre la migración, a partir de su amplia presencia en el terreno. El Reporte sobre las Migraciones 2020 es prueba de este cúmulo de conocimiento.

Intervención de México en el debate general, 110º Consejo de la OIM, 2019.

member states 1

Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, United States Department of State.

The report astutely recognizes the challenges of mobility in increasingly uncertain times.

Doreen de Brum, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of the Embassy and Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Marshall Islands to the United Nations Office at Geneva.

We have to face the risk of undue politization and misrepresentation of facts. The World Migration Report will contribute to a constructive discussion of this highly sensitive issue and lay the ground for much needed international cooperation.

Michael von Ungern-Sternberg, Permanent Representative of the Government of Germany to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

member states 2

Sam Grout Smith, Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations in New York.

The 500-page report from IOM, available at this link, delivers a comprehensive assessment of migration drivers for Africa and the wider international community.

AT editor, Africa Times, 27 Nov 2019, available here.

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World Economic Forum Agenda blog on the World Migration Report 2020. Read the blog here.

member states 4

Andrew Selee, President, Migration Policy Institute, United States.

member states 5

Alexander Bilak, Director, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Switzerland. 

member states 6

Helen Dempster, Assistant Director and Senior Associate for Policy Outreach for Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy, Center for Global Development, United States.

member states 7

Dr Oleg Chirita, Head of Global Initiatives, International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Belgium.

member states 8

Population Europe, Network of Europe's Leading Demographic Research Centres, Germany.

ian goldin

Professor Ian Goldin, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.


andrew geddes

Professor Andrew Geddes, European University Institute, Italy.

alan gamlen

Professor Alan Gamlen, Monash University, Australia

I congratulate you for the World Migration report. It is a great work.

Professor Ahmet İçduygu, Koç University, Turkey.

Congratulations! The Report is an excellent and important resource and contribution.

Professor Ellen Kraly, Colgate University, United States.

leticia florez

Professor Leticia Florez Estrada, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain.

Congratulations on the publication of World Migration Report 2020. It is wonderful.

Guofu Liu, Vice Director of Migration Law Committee, Beijing Society of International Law, China.

World Migration Report 2018

WMR 2018 is a great starting point to try and understand population movements from a balanced point of view. The report is a first port of call for many people working on migration.

Professor Ronald Skeldon, University of Sussex, United Kingdom and UNU-MERIT, the Netherlands.

Several chapters of the [2018] report are perfect for introducing my students to new topics, as was the case in my recent course on ‘migration and health’. The report is very well-written and nicely researched.

Professor Jaqueline Bhabha, Harvard University, United States.