The World Migration Report (WMR) is IOM’s flagship publication, having been produced biennially since 2000. The WMR responds to a clear and growing need for rigorous, balanced and evidence-based research and analysis on migration at a time of heightened interest in the topic.

The World Migration Report 2024 is the twelfth in the flagship series. In Part I of the report, readers can examine the key data and information on migration globally. The thematic chapters of Part II provide an evidence-based analysis of complex and emerging migration issues.

With these contents, the Report is able to meet the needs of those with a general interest in migration as well as those needing more in-depth analysis, including people who work in migration policy, practice, research and communications. Recent editions have been widely utilized by policymakers, media outlets, academics, students, and migration practitioners.

This flagship World Migration Report has been produced in line with IOM's Environment Policy and is available online only. Printed hard copies have not been made in order to reduce paper, printing, and transportation impacts.  

The World Migration Report is produced by the Migration Research and Publications Division (MRPD), in collaboration with some of the leading academic and applied researchers and other migration experts from across the world. Learn more about the Division.

Evaluation of the World Migration Report

The World Migration Report series was recently evaluated by IOM's Officer of the Inspector General (OIG). The evaluation, which focused on the last three years of publication (2015, 2018, 2020), examined if the WMR series has been successful at meeting a growing need for high quality, balance research, and analysis on migration. Read the full evaluation here

The Team

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Donor List

The biennial flagship World Migration Report is produced with limited core funding, as outlined in the Organization’s annual budget. Additional funding support has been provided by the following donors:

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Partner List

IOM partners with a wide range of academic and applied researchers and other migration experts on the World Migration Report (including as co-authors and peer-reviewers) from a variety of institutions globally.

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