IOM’s World Migration Report 2020  Wins  International  Design  Awards 

IOM’s World Migration Report 2020  Wins  International  Design  Awards 

Geneva – The World Migration Report 2020, the 10th edition of the International Organization for Migration's (IOM) flagship publication, has been recognized in the 2021 International Annual Report Design Awards (IADA) competition, winning gold in the online category and silver for PDFs.    

The online award is recognition of the World Migration Report (WMR) Interactive, a highly dynamic digital platform with data visualizations that allows users to explore and interact with some of the latest migration data and information. The online category award also includes the World Migration Report, videos, educational toolkit, donor page and more.    

The awards acknowledge the best report designs and exceptional work that embodies “the very best in the aesthetic and artistic design”, evaluated by an independent judging panel of design experts.   

IOM’s Director General, António Vitorino, praised the recognition and stressed the report’s significance.   

“It is a very relevant achievement and as we all know the World Migration Report is a key tool on migration in the UN system and in the international arena.”   

Marie McAuliffe, head of research at IOM and the editor of the World Migration Report Series, added:  

“These awards are a testament to the high quality and collaborative work that goes into producing the World Migration Report, including with our internal Online Communications Unit and some of the leading data visualization experts in the world”.    

“In an increasingly digitalized world, online platforms are important to further the use, reach and visibility of the World Migration Report,” she said.    

Available in multiple languages, the World Migration Report has become a key global reference report on migration. The next edition, World Migration Report 2022, will be launched by IOM’s Director General at IOM Council in December 2021. It will again cover key data and information on migration at a global, regional and subregional level, and provide in-depth analysis of some of the complex and emerging migration issues today. These will include topics such as: COVID-19’s impact on migration and mobility; peace, security and migration; migration and climate change; and human trafficking; among others.      


For more information about the World Migration Report, please contact:  Marie McAuliffe at IOM Geneva, Tel:+41796599940, email: