IOM DG Launches Chinese Edition of World Migration Report 2018

IOM DG Launches Chinese Edition of World Migration Report 2018

Beijing – IOM Director General William Lacy Swing this week launched the Chinese language edition of IOM’s flagship publication: The World Migration Report 2018.

The report aims to make sense of migration in an increasingly interconnected world.  It presents key data and evidence on migration, both at regional and national levels, as well as providing evidence-based analysis of complex emerging issues.

These include migration and global governance; migration and transnational connectivity; the relationship between migration, violent extremism and social exclusion; media reporting on migrants, and migration journeys seen from the perspective of migrants.

Since 2000, IOM has published nine World Migration Reports. The series provide an important reference to improve understanding of migration phenomena worldwide.

Launching the 2018 Chinese language edition in Beijing, Ambassador Swing told a Chinese audience: “Migration is not a problem to be solved, but a human reality to be managed through effective partnerships.”

“As the UN Migration Agency, IOM has an obligation to demystify the world of migration for policymakers, practitioners, researchers, students and the general public. Our intention is to promote a balanced understanding of migration’s complexities, present relevant data and information in an accessible way, explain salient, complex and emerging issues and share over 65 years of our diverse experience across the world,” he noted.

The 2018 report comes against a backdrop of growing interconnectivity, but also public suspicion and misconceptions about migration trends. It aims to cut through political opinions with data and evidence-based analysis. It also provides policy recommendations on some of the most pressing global issues relating to international migration.  

The World Migration Report 2018 in Chinese can be downloaded here.


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